MP!’s YouTuber of the Week: Miranda Sings

Hey Guys! You totally read that in Miranda’s voice, right? Clearly in true #mirfanda style.

Miranda. The very ‘attracive’ singer, actress, dancer, model, craft maker and hand-washer we all aspire to be. According to Miranda, anyway.

Who wouldn’t want to be the magnificent Miranda? As well as all her talents and 2.7+million subscribers , she has more baes than we can ever imagine having, as well as being particularly great at applying her rouge red ‘lisstick’. Beauty guru alert. With new videos every Monday and Thursday, there’s no way we can ever get enough of this incredibly entertaining lady.


Whether it’s her world class cover of ‘Anaconda’ or her unique tutorials on how to make a cat disappear, we love her absolutely hilarious and entertaining content. We especially love her original song ‘Where my baes at’! Plus, as she tours the world, we’ve recently had the opportunity to see it in the flesh, which was very enjoyable, just as good as watching it from the comfort of your own home.

Well as she’s not in the UK anymore , we watched this from the comfort of our own cosy beds which gave us just as much enjoyment and entertainment. Our YouTube video of the week from Miranda herself, is a step-by-step guide on HOW TO BE FAMOUS!

Something I’m sure we can all benefit from, right?

Did you take notes on how to be famous? Let us know how it worked out for you!

See Miranda on tour –

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