Miley Cyrus retires sticking out her tongue- 5 things she could do instead.

Milers revealed to the world that sticking her tongue out “is getting a little old” and that she’s “going to have to retire it”. Even the ‘Wrecking Ball’ songstress refers to it as “the Miley tongue” so what can she do instead?

Being the stand up pop blog that we are, here are 5 alternatives for Miley that will spare her genioglossus any strain:


Pull a funny face

We all remember getting told off for sticking out our tongues when we were little and we’re sure Billy Rae was sick of telling Miley to stop it. If Miley would like to keep up some juvenile play acting but retire her tongue, she could always make a face like the one to the right.

2 The Tulisa Arm thing

In case your TV is broken, Tulisa is no longer on The X Factor. This means she won’t be needing that weird Power Ranger arm salute anymore… perhaps Milers could borrow that for a while?


3Spank a twerking dwarf

Oh, wait.


The Vulcan Salute

It’s perhaps the most iconic salute of all time! Why doesn’t Miss Cyrus give Spock’s “Live long and prosper” hand thingy a try?


5What’s wrong with just waving?

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