Miley Cyrus stars in Big Sean’s ‘Fire’ vid. POP BITS

POP BITS. It looks like Miley has taken a few minutes out from her normal popstar schedule of twerking teddy bears and eating soup to help a friend of hers, Big Sean, with his newest single ‘Fire’.

Although the former Hannah Montana star barely features on the track vocally, she takes quite a lead role in the video… in fact it’s pretty much ALL about her. The vid shows Miley walking around seductively in front of a rose filled backdrop and sitting on some type of giant molten rock cube thingy- confirming our suspicions that Lil Miss Cyrus is a hot piece of ass.

Big Sean took to Twitter to explain his decision as to why his ‘Fire’ video is pretty much all about Miley, he said “I got Miley Cyrus for this video because she’s somebody who’s had a personal evolution as a lot of us have had”. He went on to describe Miley as “elegant as a rose”… It suddenly all makes sense! POP BITS OUT.

Check out Big Sean’s ‘Fire’ video below:


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