Miley Cyrus names new album ‘Bangerz’- 5 things she could have called it

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter to celebrate reaching 13 million followers. What does one do when they reach 13 million followers? Open a bottle of bubbly? Look at your popular self in the mirror for approx. 15 minutes? Listen to ‘We Can’t Stop’? None of those things. You release the name of your next album, duh!

Miley revealed that her upcoming album will be called ‘Bangerz’. We have to admit, that this was not on the list of possible names we had for the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singers’ LP- we were quite hoping for something like ‘Twerk It Out’.

Here are 5 names that Miley could have called her album, that would have meant virtually the same thing:

1 Sausagez

2 Bangerz: And Mash (This could still happen with a re-release, just chuck on a few new tracks and your there)

3 Fireworkz


5 Breastz

Which name do you think would be best for Miley’s new album? Are you happy with Bangerz? Weigh in below in the comment box.

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