Mike Posner releases a new video for his latest track ‘Be As You Are’ and it’s very moving.

Mike Posner is back with new music for us and we are loving this single.

The lead track off his new EP ‘The Truth’ called ‘Be As You Are’ now has a very moving video which you can watch below. So what’s it about?

“It’s just about being honest,” Mike confessed to

“I listen to a lot of stuff that’s out there, some of which I wrote, and I’m like, ‘Where is that? Where’s the honesty?’ So that’s what I want to get to in my music now.”

What better way of showing who you are than partying on the beach in your birthday suit? Good on ya, Mikey son. (Don’t try this unless you’re on a nudist beach as not everyone appreciates your bits n bobs hanging out)

You can get Mike’s new EP on iTunes now 

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