Miguel makes the cut for one the best albums of 2015. Pretty good year to be Miguel.

2015 was a good year for Miguel, his album ‘Wildheart’ has only gone and been included in the best albums of 2015. We have to agree, it is a bloody good album isn’t it?tumblr_moax7gRhhs1s0nfdyo1_500

He was getting all the comments all over the show.

“Straddling funk, psych pop and electro R&B, the LA singer’s third album is an ambivalent homage to his home town”. – **Sunday Times culture

The BBC was loving ‘Wildheart’ as well.

“Like Prince on Purple Rain, R&B star Miguel ventured into rock territory, splicing flame-throwing guitar riffs on to his tales of bedroom conquests, salvation and damnation”. **- BBCgiphy (79)

Let’s hope 2016 is just as good for Miguel, give us another album and we will make it one of the best of 2016 we promise!

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