Microbeads are tiny little balls of evil, but thankfully they’ve now been banned in the US

Most exfoliating scrubs, face washes and toothpastes contain tiny little plastic balls called microbeads, but now they’ve been banned in the U.S. to make the world a better place.


These plastic particles are smaller than a grain of salt, but they can still do evil things. Since they’re in most of our beauty products, they get flushed down the drain and end up in our oceans, lakes and rivers where Nemo and his friends eat them.


Many brands, like Lush, already stopped using them a year ago, but now also bigger brands like P&G are jumping on the bandwagon and stopped using microbeads since the US ban won’t be effective until July 2017 and some political parties even want the same ban for the UK.


But you can already do something today by being careful which products you buy because if it doesn’t specifically state that the exfoliating beads in there are natural like coffee grinds, chances are they are microbeads and you should avoid buying them.

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