5 Seconds of Summer

You’re looking for facts about Michael from 5SOS:

  • Michael’s full name is Michael Gordon Clifford [source]
  • Michael is single.
  • Michael is 18 and his birthday is the 20th of November, 1995 [source]
  • His star-sign is Scorpio
  • Michael has no siblings [source]
  • Michael is 6ft’2 tall. [source]
  • Michael’s Twitter account is @Michael5SOS
  • Michael’s Instagram account is michaelgclifford
  • His natural hair colour is blonde
  • His favourite movie is Forest Gump, but he loves Disney’s Camp Rock too.
  • His favourite chocolate is a Cadbury twirl.
  • He had never been to a concert before he played at their own.
  • He once admitted that his favourite word was ‘cheeseburger’.
  • If he could learn to play another instrument along with the guitar, he would play the flute.
  • He loves McDonald’s

Today you learnt about Michael from 5SOS.


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