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It’s incredible how much the culture of fangirling has evolved in the past few years and it definitely owes thanks to social media for playing a big part of it. 
We’ve seen bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer blow up with fame thanks to their dedicated fans spreading the word like wildfire and fangirls even have their own lingo (we totally ship you guys with your bae bc OTP) but now there’s a new craze sweeping the online nation – parodying. We’ve had a chat with a few people who are involved with this virtual sensation to fill you in with all the deets about the newest craze you’ll be seeing across Twitter.

Account: @Miohael5SOS
Followers: 12.4K
Account owner: Anonymous

So what is parodying?  

The way it used to be, I think, was people would choose a celebrity alias they wanted to use and they’d tweet things that they felt the celeb would say but it would be a lot more dramatic or comedic than what the celebrity would actually tweet, for a joke basically. But for us, it’s basically when you choose a celebrity that you wanna portray or that your personality fits best and you tweet/act as if you are that person.

Why have you chosen to parody?

I was actually told about parodying by a mate of mine, who parodies Harry Styles (@1Harry_Styles) he said it was a lot of fun and he guessed the lads and I would like it so, I went ahead and made my account. And I figured it would be a fun way to talk to the 5SOSfam and make them happy :)

What made you choose 5SOS to parody? 

We decided since 5SOS were 4 musicians who were random, outgoing, and lameos that make it cool, it would be a perfect match haha since we’re all musicians and weird as hell, somehow it works for us I guess and people like it. It helps too that we’re all mates, basically brothers in real life too, the chemistry’s natural. Best dudes I know. I chose Michael specifically because we’re both into a lot of the same bands and interests, it just fits really well. I’m really loud and lazy, I’m a Pokemon and pizza enthusiast, and music’s always been one of the biggest/if not the biggest part of my life. We also handle our emotions about the same way, so I knew if I needed to vent, I could do it without getting “out of character” or whatever. I can tweet things and know it’s something Michael would/could say without hesitation. I’m too loud and inappropriate to be Luke, LOL.

Why do you keep your real identity anonymous?

I get asked this all the time haha but, it’s so we don’t ruin the “parody illusion” if people knew who we were it would defeat the purpose of the account ya know?

What does parodying involve?
 Knowing A LOT about the person you’re being and knowing where they are, what they’re doing, who they’re with, and things like that. You’ve gotta be dedicated to the account but, still live your life outside of the parody, which can be really hard, especially when you have a busy life as it is. So, for me, I like to make sure my followers know I’m thinking of them and that I really do love them a lot, I just might not be able to reply all the time or right away but, I WILL get to their tweets. It’s one of my fav things about my account, getting to talk to so many sick people. And when another parody account tweets me, I have to make sure it’s someone Michael would actually talk to, like it was reality, to make it as believable as possible. If I just talked to a random parody/roleplay it wouldn’t make sense. Like if a Kendall Jenner parody randomly tweeted me “I miss you”, it wouldn’t make sense because, Michael and Kendall don’t even talk/hang out, so saying she “missed me” wouldn’t fit.bWe have our own family, the other parodies and me (our followers too) and we don’t replace each other (unless we know they’re not coming back and after we’ve talked to them) we make sure we only talk to one of each parody, it’s weird when there’s 16 of the same person and someone talks to all of them, unless they’re a roleplay account (someone who’s basically acting like themselves or a character they invented, while using someone famous as their alias for the fun of it and they usually act out scenes or scenarios, like a script back and forth). It’s just easier and believable when you narrow it down to one of each person and the bond’s a lot closer.
How have you become so popular- what do you think the cause behind your popularity is? 
 I have NO idea. It sort of just happened and we never expected it. Ever. Just this year, I think we sort of “blew up” when more people (outside of our twitter followers) started taking notice in some of our soundclouds that we had recorded to our account Hemmo16Parody (which was just parody Luke’s account that we all sort of took over haha)/Our followers kept tweeting us about people using our recordings on tumblr posts, Instagram, and Vines, even on YouTube, which was crazy for us because we just made those to make our followers happy and for some fun. and so our followers could hear us talk, because so many of them were wondering.
What sort of reactions do you get from your followers- do they treat you like the real 5SOS?
There’s a few kinds of people that tweet me: The fangirls; (“OMG I LOVE YOU!” “OMG YOU FOLLOWED ME. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU.!”) The followers I’ve had for a long ass time/friends;(“Hey babe, hope you’re good. Miss you a lot. <3” “Just a reminder that you mean the world to me. Thanks for being here with us today.”) the sarcastic people who like to tease me (“Go back to school!” “SHUT UP!” “You’re a loser”) The cuties; (“You’re seriously so cute. I just wanna cuddle and play video games with you.” “You’re so damn nice, wtf? Thanks for being you.”) The horny little shits; ( “Have sex WITH ME!”  “Can you please just get in my bed.”) People needing help or advice; self explanatory. I love every single type of person I’ve talked to. They’re so epic and they make me laugh and smile like crazy! Those horny girls LOL sometimes I’m just like “DOES YOUR MOM KNOW YOU’RE SAYING THIS STUFF!? WTF!? Take a cold shower you cheeky little b******ds <3 “
Some people don’t understand the whole concept of parodying. How would you explain it to those people who don’t really see the point of it? 
It’s not for everyone, it’s cool and we get that but make sure you give us a chance before you make your decision. We’re not that bad, promise. We do this to make people in fam happy and to have fun, that’s basically what it’s all about and I’m not sure how people could get anything negative out of it. I guess I can understand a bit of concern, not knowing who we are or not being sure of who we are exactly and how that could come off as shady or sketchy but, we’ve been doing this a bit over a year now, if we were creeps, we would’ve already creeped and been done with it ya know? Plus our followers know how we talk and what we sound like. We’ve even posted small bits of what we look like to our accounts so, it’s not really as much of an issue as people think. There’s a lot of shit going around about us, between people who don’t really understand why we do what we do, they make things up to make themselves feel better about sending us hate and not liking our accounts, which sucks because as a family, you shouldn’t treat other people like that, especially when they’re not doing anything wrong.
What would you say to people who think you are actually pretending to be and convince people that you are the real 5SOS? 
I’d tell them we’re not haha and we’ve never claimed to be anyone other than ourselves/parodies. Our followers have a lot of guesses of who we are or who they think we are and we think it’s pretty sick ;) we don’t mind it and they’re allowed to believe whatever they wanna. We sometimes post stuff to make our accounts more fun and to keep them guessing but, it’s never with the intentions of making them think anything specific. It’s all up to them to guess or assume stuff :)

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