Michael Clifford speaks out about 5SOS fire and it sounds bloomin’ scary :(

We all got a bit scared during the Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour last month when our poor bebs Michael Clifford caught fire on stage at Wembley Arena, didn’t we? Ever the trooper he was back on the stage the very next evening after fearing he’d lose his eyesight. But don’t worry, he’s absolutely fine now.



Speaking to The Sun, the Aussie #lad said: “It was so scary. I walked into an open flame. It was huge and Calum got burnt as well.”

“At first, I couldn’t open my eye. I thought I’d lost my sight,” he explained. “Getting back on the stage the next day was weird. I had this big ugly bandage on my face. I didn’t like that. It wasn’t the best show I played. I went to an eye doctor and luckily it was treatable.”

Don’t worry Michael, you still looked so perfect standing there in your NHS hospital eye bandage.


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