Meredith Russo is straight up inspirational. Why? This is why…

if I was your girl‘If I Was Your Girl’ author, Meredith Russo spoke to the NYTimes and we lost count of the times we were struck by her words.

Here we’ve quoted some of our favourite parts from that interview and from an ‘author’s letter’ she wrote.


“I am trans, and considering how few trans writers get a chance to publish novels about trans characters, it might be worth dwelling on that.”


“though I’ve reached a point where I feel comfortable inside my body, I don’t always have the easiest time passing.”


“something I definitely share with Amanda: I desperately needed mentors and role models when I was young, and I had none. Had little Meredith not seen joke after joke on television writing off boys who want to be girls as freaks, had she seen girls like her living out in the world as adults, happy and successful, had she had access to books about people like her by people like her, my life might have been radically different.”

role model

“a book deal let me quit my job to write full time. Nobody can harass me for using my own bathroom. In many ways, I have it easier than others: I’m white, and I sort of pass when I’m wearing makeup.”

make up

“I wrote If I Was Your Girl because I want young people to know that, though it might be hard and complicated, a trans life can be filled to bursting with success, friendship, and love.”


You can read more right here. And if you want to get your copy of ‘If I Was Your Girl’ then we got you. Clicky here.

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