Sponsored: Need help speaking to your sunshines or your crush? Take note from Mentos Mentors

This post has been sponsored by Mentos, but concerns our own opinion.

Speaking to new people can be a nerve-wracking experience, in fact when we met our sunshines we apologised incase we were sick on their shoes (true story).  These days a lot of us have no problem talking to people we don’t know online, but is the same said for in a real life situation?

In the real world we’re the first to admit we avoid people. We don’t make eye contact with people when we’re on the tube to work, we take the self-scan checkouts so we don’t have to interact, we even pick up our cinema tickets at a machine so we don’t have to speak to that 1 extra person we don’t know.

Mentos Mentors

Mentos Mentors sees a group of shy adults who would never normally strike up a conversation with someone, head out into the city. Armed with earpieces and promised they’ll be given directions by a team of communications experts – what could go wrong?

What Mentos didn’t mention was that their experts were five year olds. Well they seem to know a lot more about this kind of stuff than we do!

Mentos Mentors

Next time you’re sat at a bus stop with someone you don’t know why not strike up a conversation with them? Be yourself and if you’ve got a Mentos to offer, it’s as easy as pie. Because, Who Says No To Mentos?

This post has been sponsored by Mentos, but concerns our own opinion.

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