The Peanuts Movie gets its DVD release and Meghan Trainor talks about “empowering ‘self-love’ songs”

‘The Peanuts Movie’, featuring all our childhood faves like Charlie Brown and Snoopy, has had its DVD release today, and we are dead excited to be transported back to simpler times when we were younger and more carefree.


What’s more, we can’t wait to hear the two new songs by Meghan Trainor that were recorded exclusively for the film, ‘Better When I’m Dancin” and ‘Good To Be Alive’. On top of all that wonderfulness, she also had a lot to say on the movie itself and how she got involved and what she loves most about the Peanuts gang.

“Fox asked me whether I would be interested in doing a song for the film, because they liked my confidence and my empowering ‘self-love’ songs and they said ‘we want something similar for this movie’,” Meghan said when asked how she got involved in the first place. “They wanted something that would help people to feel confident, and that would help Charlie Brown to feel confident.”

Yaaas, Queen! If there’s something Meghan Trainor does well, it’s those self love anthems. We are all about those!

She also pointed out the importance of relatability within the Peanuts gang and its mark on helping us see the light in tough life situations. Also, there’s the fact that its characters are iconic and timeless, which plays a huge part in why Meghan loves it, obvs.

“My grandmother and my parents watched ‘Peanuts’. All generations love it; kids nowadays love it and immediately relate to the comic strip, because it’s about the struggle of Charlie Brown and what he goes through and how he overcomes all his challenges.”

Tbh, we’d have to agree that it’s for sure comforting watching films and seeing that it’s normal to struggle — sometimes we forget and we think Meghan is a babe for pointing that out.

What’s even more refreshing is that Meghan expressed how buzzing she was to be a part of ‘The Peanuts Movie’.

“Being a part of the ‘Peanuts’ movie is a big deal. I was terrified and honoured […] It was the first time ever that I’ve had a song in a movie. It was amazing. I was in the theatre, my whole family was with me and we were eating popcorn and enjoying the movie. But I remember my heart was pounding out of my chest because I knew my song was coming up. I didn’t know exactly when it was coming up, but I kept saying ‘all right, it’s going to be here soon!’ Then when it finally happened, truthfully, I wanted to stand up and dance, but I kept my cool. My brothers and I were dancing in our seats. It was very emotional. I cried when I walked out of the theatre. It was definitely a special moment for me and my family.”

Aw, bless her. She is gem, isn’t she?

Well, we can’t wait to watch the film and hear the new Meghan Trainor tracks. We’re even more excited after hearing what genuine emotional investment she has in the Peanuts gang and all the things they get up to.

‘Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie’ is out now on Digital HD & on Blu-ray & DVD on 30th May, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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