Is Meghan Trainor’s new album ‘Thank You’ dedicated to her stylist?

Since becoming a fully fledged pop star, Meghan Trainor has been enjoying the perks that come with it.


One of those perks is the luxury of a stylist. She reveals in the new issue of ‘Top of the Pops’ magazine, which is out this week:

“I still go to Forever 21 to buy clothes, but I’m not good at it – in fact, I’m very bad at it. I notice how when my stylist comes she brings me cooler stuff.”


Finally! A pop star who knows our problems. So we’re not alone after all. Meghan also revealed that being a pop star comes with its bad sides; she thinks some people try to make her say bad things about some of her peers just to cause a little controversy.

“They’re trying to get you to say bad things. They’ll say, “Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth and John Legend… pick one!” Then there’s these magazine articles, saying: “Meghan wants to marry one of them!” If it’s real I’ll talk about it but that isn’t real.”


It also seems like she wasn’t planning to be a pop star at all: “I got a publishing deal in high school so I knew I was good at writing songs. The plan was to write songs for other people. So I tried that for a little bit but then I wrote ‘All About That Bass’ and they said you need to be the face. I was very lucky I had that song.”

Oh Meghan; you’re making this pop star thing look super easy. Where do we sign up?


The latest edition of Top of The Pops Magazine is available now in all good newsagents. Let us know when you’ve got your copy @maximumpop

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