Olly – site publisher / boss

The boss. The head honcho. The one who hides under his blanket whilst everyone else does the work. Olly is the site’s Publisher which means he looks at the big picture. Or he would do if he wasn’t so busy looking at the little picture. Of Zayn’s nipples. Which he keeps in his wallet. Follow Olly on twitter / See all Olly’s stuff on MP!


Luke – MP! TV presenter

The attractive face of MP! TV, our very own sort-of Harry Styles lookalike Luke got his trousers off for his first video on the site. We’d give him a raise, but we don’t even pay him yet. Awwwwwww. Premieres, parties and pop interviews, Luke’s there being far more professional than you’d expect. Follow Luke on twitter


Jon H – pop reporter

There isn’t a pop star in the Top 40 that hasn’t been harassed by Jon at some point in the last 25 days. Dictaphone, a lack of fear and a brilliant haircut means Jon never misses an opportunity to secure a MP! pop star exclusive. Follow Jon H on twitter / See all Jon H’s stuff on MP!


Braithwaite – mascot

Celeb loving, photo bombing, fluffy blue MP! mascot. Named by MP!ers after a heated debate he’s the most reliable member of team MP! but ever since he was nominated for a Journalism in Pop Award he’s had a stinking attitude. Braithwaite, if you’re reading this – BEHAVE! Braithwaite is currently being mascot-sat by MP!’s sister. Follow Braithwaite on twitter / See all Braithwaite’s stuff on MP!

John L – pop writer

Eurovision-obsessed part time super hero and MP! features writer – say hello to John. 5 Things, MP! Investigates, John’s got your back. Now follows a story from John in his own words: One Monday in September 2001 I went to Woolworths with £3 in my pocket, enough for one single. I had a choice between Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ and Victoria Beckham’s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. I chose Beckham. Follow John L on twitter / See all John L’s stuff on MP!

Gone but never forgotten

Darren K, Rachel S.

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