8 pop star meet and greet stories that are ultimate #goals

We all know that feeling when we meet our idol, our role model, our most absolute fave person ever. It’s legit the best thing ever, even if we end up looking as starstruck as J-Law.


So we thought, why not share some of your amazing stories on here. Here’s some super cool stories/videos that will make you squeal with excitement.

1) Harry Styles hugs are things made of dreams.

2) This whole situation is just so chill.

3) @taylorswift pls meet us


5) This is just cute AF

6) Interviewing The Vamps must have been so nerve-racking!

7) Camila gets a 10/10 for being the sweetest person EVER.

8) Just chilling with Little Mix whilst they eat ice-cream, nbd.

If those aren’t goals, we don’t know what is. Have you met any fab stars? Tweet us the deets @maximumpop, we’d love to hear about it! P.S. Taylor, hit us up.


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