Who the hell are CNCO?! Meet your next FAVE boyband

You’ll love ’em

Grab the scissors and blue-tac, quick! After reading about this incredible boy band you’ll soooooo wanna plaster your bedroom walls in photos of their super cute faces. If you stick around long enough, we’ll even link you to some free ones. How nice are we?!

So who’s this new boyband then? Well, they’re called CNCO and they come all the way from Latin America. In fact, they’re basically the One Direction of Latin America – they’re that good!

You’ve probably already heard their incredible collaboration with Little Mix. ‘Reggaetón Lento’ is trending at Number 1 in the UK and CNCO are building a mahoosive fanbase this side of the pond.

The band consists of Christopher from Ecuador, Erick from Cuba, Joel from Mexico, Richard from Dominican Republic and Zabdiel from Puerto Rico.

They’re all as cute as a button and their music will stay stuck in your head for days.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you in, then here’s all the other important stuff you need to know about them.

This is what they look like…

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Told you they were cute.

The boys love a good prank…

Don’t believe us? Just check out the music video for hit song ‘Hey DJ’. In the video they’re pushing each other down the corridor in a shopping trolley is so funny.

Speaking of shopping trollies…

They seem sort of obsessed with them, don’t ya think?! Lol!

The guys are mates with Fifth Harmony

That’s right – we’re full blown freaking out over this photo. Who are you shipping?

They’re sorta addicted to Snapchat filters…

Yo no soy gato, soy perro

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Buen día! SC:zabdiel-971

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SC: Zabdiel-971

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The dog filter has never looked sooooooo good.

Their fans are called the CNCOwners…

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Volví! Ya somos más de 1000 corazones ♥!!! Los amo💕 @joelpimentel 🎨: @dibujos._cnco

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A post shared by ♕ Cnco Arts ♕ (@cncoarts) on

Fan names are important and you better remember this one because you’ll soon be part of the family! CNCOwners are an exceptionally fun fanbase. They also make incredible fan art like this. What heroes.

CNCO take really aesthetic Instagram shots…

Lets ride

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You can follow them on @CNCOMusic, @Erickbriancolon, @Zabdieldejesus, @Christopherbvelezm, @Joelpimentel, @Richardcamacho.

Heights don’t faze this band…

España !

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Yikes! You wouldn’t catch us anywhere near that building…. unless CNCO were there. We’d be petrified.

The boys will definitely beat you in a dance contest…

What moves!

CNCO concerts are super fun…

They haven’t visited the UK yet but we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed they’ll come across the pond soon. Maybe touring with Little Mix – perhaps?

Basically their fans think they’re kings…

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Which is why we’ve hunted down some mahooosive images that you can print out and stick on your walls. Who doesn’t love a free poster or two?!

Let us know what your favourite CNCO song is in the comments below. 

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