Who the hell are Bahari? Meet the girl band supporting Selena Gomez on her ‘Revival’ Tour

If you’re already a Selenator like us, Bahari are about to become your new favourite girl band.

Californian trio Bahari are made up of Ruby Carr (who sings vocals & plays keyboards), Natalia Panzarella (also on vocals & bass), and Sidney Sartini (vocals & guitar). They’re currently supporting Selena Gomez on the US leg of her ‘Revival’ Tour and as you’d expect from a band supporting Selena, they’re slaying the tour.

‘California’ is one of their latest singles and we’re really into it.


Recently, the girls have been speaking to Entertainment Weekly, where they revealed how they got together and what they’ve learnt from Selena while on the road with the superstar. They also revealed that they wrote their first song as a trio ‘Wild Ones’ in 20 MINUTES.

The girls are still in their teens and band member Ruby revealed that Selena has already given them some superb advice.

The best advice she’s ever given us is to be ourselves. And that’s really underrated advice: know who you are and don’t try and be anybody else but that person. She’s always been someone that we looked up to. She’s an icon and she’s so famous, but she took the time out of her day to support us, and we didn’t even have one song out. She also encourages people on her tour to be nice. She’s said to us, “Is everyone nice to you?” We’re like, “Yeah!” And she goes, “Good. Because I don’t have time and space for people who don’t treat other people well.” She makes sure that everyone is really kind on her crew. It’s always really cool to be apart of something like that.


What a woman!

Bahari say they’ve also learnt a lot from being on tour with Selena and perhaps most importantly, they get to see her perform EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

“All of the team is like, “Oh, you’re still here?” It’s been unbelievably inspiring to watch everything that goes into it. On the first day, it was overwhelming: the production was so big and so involved. But to be able to watch someone like Selena, who on this album made such an incredible transition into a strong independent woman, get on stage and rock it is so inspiring. All these people screaming her name and being so happy to see her up there, that’s something we want to eventually be able to do. We’re kind of sad that it’s ending soon.”

Yeah, we’re not jealous at all.


Bahari are supporting Selena with DNCE until Friday 8th July at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. If you get the chance to see them, do it. You won’t regret it. And for all you UK Selenators, don’t forget the ‘Revival’ Tour hits the UK in November so get your tickets now.


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