‘Mean Girls’ gets a revamped trailer, except the story line is about Cady & Janis’ queer love.

‘Mean Girls’ is basically a girl’s holy bible, but in film form. We know it word for word, scene by scene, but what if it was completely different? No Aaron Samuels, no plotting against Regina. Just pure Cady and Janis love.


The guys over at Mashable created a new trailer for ‘Mean Girls’, focusing it as a queer love story between Janis and Cady, check it out.

Seems quite dark and dramatic, we dig it. Can we get a refilming of ‘Mean Girls’ like this, please? We’re totally shipping #Canis #Jady (Do those actually work?)

We’ve got to go watch ‘Mean Girls’ now, and if you haven’t seen it, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


What do you make of the re-imagined trailer? Let us know at @maximumpop on Twitter.

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