Someone has created a Mean Girls eye shadow palette and you need it ASAP

Earlier this year we celebrated the 12th anniversary of Mean Girls and now we have some even more exciting news. Because c’mon, we don’t think that movie will EVER get old.


A seriously talented makeup maestro has created an eye shadow palette based on the film and we’ve never wanted anything more in our entire lives. 

The palette is shaped like the iconic Burn Book and features shades inspired by iconic moments, such as ‘Mouse… Duh’, ‘Glen Coco’, ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ and ‘Wednesday’ – which is obviously pink.

According to its creator, Storybook Cosmetics, the concept is a “tentative idea, all depends on licensing” but judging by the excitement it’s caused, we reckon it has a v good chance of coming into fruition.

We only have one thing left to say – that is SO FETCH. But seriously, why wasn’t it announced on October 3rd? Smh.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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