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‘Me Before You’ star Sam Claflin is the certified cutest over on his Instagram

Here at MP! we are pretty blooming excited about the film adaption of ‘Me Before You‘ by Jojo Moyes. We loved the book and probably cried for about a month after we finished reading it. We also are kind of in love with lead actor Sam Claflin, best known for his role as Finnick in ‘The Hunger Games‘ franchise, and his co-star, ‘Games of Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke. Our love for Sam and this film release have only grown with all his Instagram activity lately, in which he’s been posting a picture each day in the 50 day countdown to the film’s release.


Day 27 was particularly wonderful and we kind of think it deserves a whole book and follow-up film adaption of its own. Sam is seriously cute.

He’s made no secret of the fact ‘Me Before You’ has seriously touched him, both when reading it and playing the role of Will Traynor, the quadriplegic that Emilia Clarke’s character, Louisa, looks after. They both stumble into one another’s lives a little bit lost, unsure of whether life will ever be worth living again. The film’s main message is ultimately to live boldly, and this is something Sam has been pushing throughout his 50 day countdown.

For his 27th day, he decided to continue spreading the absolute joy of reading ‘Me Before You’ in the hope that it would inspire others like it had him.

On the 31st day, he took his copy of ‘Me Before You’ and placed it in a location in London, taking it right back to where he himself had first read the story of Louisa Clarke and Will Traynor.

We’re sobbing a little, because we have most definitely been on that line before and we’ve never got cute book packages from our fave actors. Sob.

Turns out it didn’t take long before some lucky sod found it and got in contact with Sam via Instagram.

Although we’re very jealous of her, we think she seems pretty deserving. She didn’t throw it away, after all. Any book lover is a friend of ours.

Isn’t this just the most romantic thing ever? We were serious about this being well suited to a story of its own. What would you have done if you’d found Sam Claflin’s copy of ‘Me Before You’? We reckon we would have broken down and started uncontrollably sobbing. Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know if you’re buzzing for the film!

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