McFly writing songs for One Direction. POP BITS.

POP BITS. McFly have been off the radar a bit. Dougie’s been growing an impressive beard (see left), Harry’s been getting his nipples out at every opportunity (that’s no complaint), Tom’s been getting married adorably and Danny has been building his model railway (OK, we made that last one up). But now it appears the boys are back!

They’ll kick off their ‘Memory Lane’ Greatest Hits tour next month but we won’t be waiting long for the next album (which will be their first since 2010). “We’ve written all the songs we are just waiting to record them,” revealed Dougie. Let’s hope they find time in between gigs, we want a prompt summer release please boys!

In double-boyband, double-good news the hirsute warbler also revealed McFly have been writing songs for One Direction’s album. One particular song, co-written with Niall, Dougie promises is a “stadium epic”. Niall’s embarking on his second sell-out world tour at the tender age of just 19 so perhaps the rousing, anthemic stadium atmosphere has become second nature to him. Dougie hopes the as yet untitled song ends up on the as yet untitled third One Direction album which as yet has no release date (not even a rumoured one) and we couldn’t agree more. POP BITS OUT.

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