McFly and Busted release ‘McBusted: The Birth’ video

POP BITS. Those cheeky McFly and Busted boys have been the talk of the town this week haven’t they? After announcing their 2014 super group tour plans, the boys have now treated fans to a behind the scenes look at “the birth” of the band. Don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds!

This is the stuff dreams are made of right? That’s right, after announcing their 2014 super group plans on Monday, McBusted (hearing that name never gets old, does it?) have now released a behind the scenes video of “the birth of the band” and trust us, it’s just beautiful. Featuring some intense dramatic music, the video shows the boys explaining their decision to form a super group, and even features clips of them at a brand new ‘McBusted’ photo shoot, looking all beautiful and united as one. Ah, so sweet.  

What do you think about McBusted? We think it’s ruddy brilliant! Check out the video for yourselves below.  POP BITS OUT.


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