We watched McBusted’s Most Excellent Tour DVD last night and WEPT!

Tears of joy and frustration we tell you. McBusted always put on an amazing show, full of energy, topless drumming and crazy antics. So what could possibly go wrong with the tour DVD? F all, absolutely F all.

To save you scrolling through peoples snarky comments on Amazon we’re just going to tell you straight up the best bits and why you should stick it on your summer wish list.

1. Harry Judd’s topless drumming – we mentioned it before but nothing can truly prepare you for those manly muscle boobies.

Harry 1 Harry 2

2. Their bloody amazing stage design, normally we don’t even mention this but bejesus it even looks as awesome in the DVD as it did in the flesh.

FYI it turns into a giant video game, we want one for our room.

3. Matt jumps on the microphone to spit some lyrics, well kinda but it works so well. We miss Will Smith’s rapping days too.

4. ‘All About You’ is full of emosh and makes us want to snog the face off most people. The McBusted lads must feel the same because they’re all for a kiss cam whizzing around the audience while they sing their beaut tune.

Kiss Cam Kiss Cam 2 Kiss Cam 3

5. Dougie’s known for being a bit of a potty mouth and a cheeky chappy and we love him. Make sure you listen out for his opening line which is a bit of a prod at Charlie ‘eyebrows’ Simpson.

Oooh, burn.

There you have it, five reasons you need to go down the shops and pick up McBusted’s MEAT DVD. Which if you haven’t guessed already, is out now.

If you’re too lazy to move, click here order it off Amazon and watch while eating ice cream and doing your best air guitar. You’re welcome.

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