McBusted release their ‘Tourplay’ DVD, get your best air guitar off the shelf and your jumping shoes on.

McBusted have returned back to the O2 Arena in London to celebrate the release of their new DVD “Tourplay and McBusted: Live at the O2”. The boys are promoting the DVD which was filmed during their whopping three night sell out at the arena (yes we MAY have been at all three shows…)

McBusted TP1

The DVD not only features the concert but also an exclusive behind-the-scenes view into life on the road where we can follow the boys throughout the entire tour from start to finish. It won’t be too long before they are back in the O2 as next year they are taking their debut album on the tour around the country – no wonder they are so excited!

The DVD is released today (November 24th) and we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on a copy (or two) to relive the incredible tour.

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