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Our mates over at Muzu.TV, the massive music video website, recently employed our incomparable research skills in order to come up with the definitive guide to the best dance routines in pop music videos – and below is the original article, ready for you to get swotting up on. What are you waiting for?

All right, all right, settle down everyone. You at the back, spit out your gum. Textbooks out and turn to page 167 please. Today’s lesson is the official Maximum Pop! Guide to the Best Dance Routines in Music Videos.

Dance routines have been an integral part of pop music videos ever since Beyoncé’s mother watched her twerking inside the womb during an ultrasound, and over the years we’ve seen our fair share of mind-blowing choreography. Remember to make notes on the following examples, because you will be expected to reference them in your exam.

EXHIBIT A: Beyoncé – ‘Single Ladies’

Up until the release of this video, a dance routine usually meant waving your arms around in time to the music and praying it looked okay. But Beyoncé changed the way we thought about moving our bodies with this simple, yet impressive video. Rumour has it that it only 5 people in the entire world can actually do it properly and if one of those people dies, Beyoncé personally teaches someone else to make sure the legacy keeps going. Note: notice the way she points to her hand when she sings the line “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it” – so clever!

EXHIBIT B: Lady Gaga – ‘Bad Romance’

Stefani Germanotta (or “Lady Gaga” as she is known publicly) once famously confessed that she is not the strongest dancer to ever grace the pop universe, but does that stop her? No. Despite being a relatively simple routine, the monstrous dance for her single ‘Bad Romance’ has been imitated many times, and it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “paws up” being uttered if this song happens to be playing in a “club” and you are in the presence of alcohol. At which point you will see legions of her devotees form their hands into a claw-like position and thrust them towards the ceiling. Easily recreated dance move, or cult symbolism? That’s a topic we’ll be discussing in another class.

EXHIBIT C: One Direction – ‘One Thing’

Some of you might be wondering how acts that can’t dance very well manage to make sure their videos are eye catching. Well one of the answers is to include a comedy routine – and in the case of those One Direction boys, the band performed their own interpretation of a humorous dance previously showcased in the popular Inbetweeners movie and it paid off, with a sudden increase of teenage girls all over the UK practising the moves in their bedrooms in a bid to impress the likes of Harry, Zayn and co. We’ve been known to attempt it in the staff room after too many drinks. Don’t write that down.

EXHIBIT D: Ciara – ‘Ride’

Many of today’s pop stars use their incredible dancing skills to make up for a lack of impressionable vocals. Ciara is a good example of this, often showcasing the most absurd movements she can think of in her videos. The most controversial incident was when she released her video for ‘Ride’, which features an unhealthy amount of grinding, thrusting, stroking and even a few glimpses of nipple. Stop laughing at the back. Act your age! Where were we? Oh yes, Ciara displays dance moves here that would be dangerous to attempt at home, and succeeds in causing the audience to forget how weak her other talents may be.

EXHIBIT E: Michael Jackson – ‘Thriller’

The late Michael Jackson provided us with many of pop music’s finest dance routines, but this is surely his most memorable and most recognisable. But did you know that to get the moves as realistic as they could possibly be, Jackson spent 3 months undercover with a family of real zombies, pretending to be just like them? It was his dedication to his art that made Michael the King Of Pop – you wouldn’t catch Matt Cardle hanging out with mythical creatures to improve his craft, would you? Exactly.

And that was the official Maximum Pop! Guide to the Best Dance Routines in Music Videos. Any questions? Wonderful. Where do you think you’re going? Sit back down – the bell is a signal for ME, not YOU… Oh all right, get out of here…

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