MP! Exclusive: Max and Harvey are the legends you need to know about right now!

They almost need no introduction but ICYMI Max and Harvey are the biggest Musers in the UK with over 2.5 followers on and they’re still only 13.

FML. We need to do something with our lives. STAT!


But it’s not all about us, innit? Let’s get back to the subject in hand…

Cute AF twin singing duo, Max and Harvey, have spent 2016 brightening up our days with their insane mashups and vids. Our personal fave is this Shawn Mendes mashup. From one viral star to another.

We decided it was time we found out a bit more about the soulful pair so we had a good old chat about life and koalas, as you do…

Hi Max and Harvey! Thanks for chatting to MP! First of all, could you tell us a bit about your first original song – ‘One More Day in Love’? 

We actually wrote “One More Day In Love” with our good friend Jordan Andrews! We were all just hanging out and decided to write a song. We all assigned each other a certain part of the song to write after we’d worked out the melody, and then all came together again – we started putting things together and making little changes. It’s very exciting for us to release our own song to see how it does with social media, and to see if people prefer our covers or our originals.

At what point did you discover that you could both sing?

When we were about seven we started singing in the car with our dad, and we started to pick out harmonies. From there we just started to be able to do it without having to think about it and started to sing together. We thought that it actually sounded alright, and we’ve been singing ever since.

How did you first get into YouTube?

We got into YouTube just because we started doing well on so we thought we should definitely use it to expand our social media.

What’s your favourite cover you’ve done so far?

Our favourite cover we’ve done is probably “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes as it is definitely a crowd favourite and we love singing it.

The Mendes army reveal why they are so dedicated to Shawn and we are officially in tears 


Why do you think people connect so much with and what makes you stand out so much?

We think we stand out a bit because we are singing twins and there aren’t many of those around. We also try our best to be different on and not just do what everyone else is doing. We use props and other family members and different locations hopefully to make it more interesting for people to watch.

If you could be any type of animal what would it be?

Harvey: I would probably be a Koala because I love Australia.

Max: I would probably be a Monkey because they are clever and funny.

Which artists have you been loving in 2016?

Harvey: Twenty One Pilots.

Max: Showtek.

What is your favourite craze of 2016?

We really liked the Mannequin challenge as it was quite a funny one to try and do and we did it quite a few times with our friends.

What is the most starstruck you’ve ever felt?

We were probably the most star struck when we met Fatboy Slim at Camp Bestival 2016. We love his songs especially “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat.”

What’s your ideal Christmas gift?

Harvey: If I’m quite honest I would love an electric drum kit as I love to play the drums and have never actually had a real drum kit – I have used one though!

Max: I would really like a hover board because they look so cool!!!

Thanks for speaking with us, Max and Harvey. Keep on slaying for 2017. ‘One More Day in Love’ is out now to stream and download. 

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