Download or Ditch? Max and Bianca ‘Love Drunk’ – The dynamic duo from down under

How many cute boy-girl pop duos are killing it right now? If you’re taking longer than 20 seconds to think of an answer other than Karmin – we’ve made our point.

Max and Bianca hail from Australia, a sunny place that has time and time again shown us glimpses of it’s secret pop treasure trove.

‘Love Drunk’ is the first single by the pair – and even though it came out six months ago, we won’t blame the Aussies for keeping it from us.

Max and Bianca met through a music course they were doing in high school and they’ve been writing and recording as a duo for a few years now, slowly growing their fan base online with their YouTube covers.

The single is produced by DNA Songs, the Sydney-based team that co-wrote The Saturdays ‘Not Giving Up’ and produced singles for Ricky Martin and Bonnie Anderson.

Behind Max and Bianca’s rocking pop tune and perky melodies lie some pretty awesome heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics about a relationship gone wrong.

“I know this ride is heading for disaster, but you can’t choose who you love,” Max sings. Just like Katy Perry, this pair seem to know how to do ridiculously catchy pop with emotional depth.

What do you think of their style?

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