BIG INTERVIEW: MP! chats to Daisy from Mausi about cartoon theme tunes and Beyoncé, important stuff.

We had a chinwag with Daisy from the four-piece group, breaking out of Newcastle, Mausi, about their songs, music influences and number one tip for a pool party.

How did you come up with the name Mausi and how long have you guys been together?
Mausi is a term of endearment in German, it means ‘small mouse’ and it’s used like ‘honey’ or ‘baby’. One of my best friends nick names is Mausi and that’s how we first heard the word. After that it just boils down to the fact we are half Italian and listen to a lot of French music, so a European sounding name was what we were after.

We have been together for about 3 or 4 years now, it’s hard to put a date on when we started, I guess it’s when we started writing music together.
There’s four of you in the band – who does what?
I (Daisy) am the singer and am in charge of all online, visual and art working type things. Benji is the drummer and the main mastermind behind live. Thomas plays keyboard and sings backing vocals and is a creative mastermind as far as writing and video goes. Then we have Ben who plays synth and bass live and our ‘in house’ producer.
We are loving your new single ‘My Friend Has A Swimming Pool’. What’s your number one tip for a pool party?
All you need for a successful pool party is a body of water, sunshine, friends and a good playlist.
How long did it take for you to write this song? (What’s the quickest time you’ve spent writing an entire song?)
Hmm, it probably took overall a few days. It was a track we had written a while back and went back and revisited a couple times to finalize the sounds and samples we wanted. The fastest we have ever written a song is in an afternoon. If the inspiration fairy is there, the songs just flow out.
‘My Friend Has Swimming Pool’ is such a precise party record. The lyrics don’t just set the mood, they set the scene for a super fun night out we can all vaguely remember. Talk me through the visual aesthetic and pop culture influences behind this record.
We are very heavy on aesthetic. It’s really important to us. It’s such a big part of music these days that it would be silly not to have aesthetic in mind when we write. We have very strong ‘lifestyle’ imagery in mind when we write out music and for this specific track we wanted it to be obvious, which you can already see by the title of the track.
One of those house parties you have when you are 17/18 with all your friends, where you stay up till the sun rises and get tipsy for the first time.

If Mausi could write the theme song for any cartoon series (past or present) – which would it be?
Hmm, great question. It would probably have to be something with a mouse, like Danger Mouse or Tom and Jerry. Let’s go with Tom and Jerry, it’s a classic, we are all about nostalgia…

How’s the album coming along? How long until we experience its goodness?
We are in the process of writing and recording it. It’s all written, we just need to get in to the studio and finish recording it. We have so much music written. We can’t wait for the world to hear it.
Any exciting producers and collaborations on board?
We have recorded a lot with a producer called Mark Ralph. Every track we bring to him he instantly gets and adds a lil bit of magic to. We also did a track with Yuksek over in Paris which was very exciting.
Do you ever ‘premiere’ a Mausi song on your personal Facebook account to ‘test the waters’ with your mates? If so, what’s the feedback like? FYI – My mum comments on everything. 
We sometimes send it to our friends but never out stuff online. We like to self release songs here and there as we are too impatient to wait to get our music out there.
But when we do, yes, our parents are always the first to like and comment. It’s pretty cute.
Your Soundcloud mixtapes are all amazing, by the way. Are you guys remixing tunes for others as well? Is this something you’d like to do more of?
Thank you! We love making mix tapes. We make them anyway for when we go on tour and want some inspiration so it only makes sense to share them with everyone else. Sharing is caring.
We have worked on a couple of remixes in the past, our ‘Dust Clears’ remix by Clean Bandit is our fav and we are always working on one here and there but we love adding a bit of Mausi magic to other artists tracks, so keep em coming!
And finally… which Beyoncé song are you? (I assume there’s one of you answering – otherwise, everyone chime in!)
This may be controversial, but I guess it still falls under the Beyoncé umbrella, but we love Destiny’s Child, so it would have to be ‘Say My Name’. Without a doubt.
Thanks Daisy! You can check out more from Mausi here.

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