Free EP download: Matt Wills’ blissful EP ‘She Has No Name’ is yours to download

If you like attractive men sweetly crooning about love, this one is for you. Forget whipped-cream boobies and almost-flying dresses, Matt Wills writes and sings beautiful, melodic, subtle music, and has curly, magical hair. He also covered One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ exclusively for MP!TV.

Today Mr Wills releases 3 low-fi tunes that showcase his talent in the form of his first-ever EP ‘She Has No Name’, which will cost you less than a packet of fruit pastilles. In fact the whole thing is totally free, and can be on your iPod in about 43 seconds.

While you’re listening to Matt’s tuneful collection, have a read of these questions we asked him. We talked about Miley Cyrus, Madonna, guys crying about girls, and stalking him on Tottenham Court Road.

Hey. Who are you?
I’m just a guy with curly hair who plays guitar.

Does your hair have secret powers?
Yes, surely it’s got to have some secret power right, just look at it? It’s so secret that I don’t even know. It seems to turn ginger when I’m nervous though.

Your music is relaxing and mellow — are you boring?
No. This one time I was a unicorn, that was pretty crazy, woke up naked, lost a shoe, thats what you do.

What pop star are you most like, which are you least like?
I’m super like Miley Cyrus. Same hair and Robin Thick danced on me once. it was awkward. I literally am least like Madonna. Because I am a man. I haven’t adopted any children and I’m under 50.

Why should we download your EP in 12 1/2 words?
Because who doesn’t like listening to a guy cry about girls, righ..?
[Editor: That’s 11 1/2 words Matt, good singer, numbers maybe not your thing?]

Where can we say hello to you?
I’m playing Ronnie Scotts in London on the 11th of March or I work part time in Joe & the Juice in Tottenham Court Road you could just come and say hi and I might sing you a song.

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