Find out where Mark Ferris’ favourite place is in his final MP! column! We’re trying not to cry…

All good things come to an end and we’re sad that this is the last post by our YouTuber columnist Mark Ferris *cries* but thankfully he’s given us another corker of a column to end on. Take it away, Mark…

Hey guys,

I can’t believe this is my final blog post!

I’m so happy that you have been enjoying them! All the feedback I have received through Twitter etc means the world to me!

So I wanted to end my time on here with one of my favourite places, The Brook! The Brook is a local independent cafe/bar that I love spending time in!

The Brook 2

I feel like I visited it when it was in its early stages of being done up & to see how far it’s come is AMAZING!

It has the cosiest and kindest atmosphere, and I literally introduce all my friends to it! The style and furniture is very quirky and unique and it plays amazing music!

The Brook 1

It has such a chilled vibe and I love going in there for social occasions or I’ll go in there during the week to do emails and editing!

The food and drink is always amazing (I love the smoothies)

The brook 3

I feel like it’s the perfect place to chill, wind down and work and the staff are so friendly and welcoming!

I usually go in on a weekday, order a blueberry smoothie and a caramel latte and get cracking on some editing :)

I think it’s so important to support local independent businesses/cafes/bars etc and I feel super lucky I live close to one!

Ahhhh! So this is it, guys. I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts from the last 6 weeks!

Tweet me if you think I should have my own blog, I’ve loved it!

Lots of love .xo


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