Who is this Mark Ferris that Zoella’s been totally loving? We investigated….

We can’t get enough of YouTubers, they’re everywhere! Esteé Lalonde, Zoella, Tanya and Jim, so many. We even created a couple of YTer quizzes, a book one and a product one. (Which you should definitely take.)

Mark Ferris

We had the chance to have a natter to Mark Ferris who Zoella’s been spouting her love for, so who is this handsome guy behind the camera? 

How would you describe your YouTube channel for those who haven’t seen it? The best way to describe my channel is..(hopefully) a barrel of laughs. Definitely not to be taken seriously. A place where people can go for hauls, stories & silly challenges with my friends.
Positive happy fun :)

What made you want to start YouTube? I think the idea of complete freedom you have to be creative, to be yourself and just to have fun.
I’m a very nostalgic person too, so filming videos/vlogs is an amazing way to look back on when I’m older, and to see what a nut I was, haha!


Which YouTubers do you admire? There are SO many Youtubers I admire, but to be honest, I admire anyone who are able to set up a camera and upload a video. To put yourself out there in the internet world can be quite scary! With being on YouTube, it has massive potential to change your life with countless opportunites; you’re able to make it into a career. There are a lot of successful people who are on YouTube, and I think it’s amazing!

If you could collab with anyone in the world who would it be? It HAS to be Mamrie Hart! She is absolutely hilarious and if the day ever came to collab, I am 100% sure I wouldn’t stop cry laughing!
I feel like we have the same sense of humour!


How has your channel/ life changed since Zoe shouted you out in her October favourites video? After Zoe mentioned me (which I’ll probably never get over – love her!) my channel has been introduced to a LOT more people! It just gave my channel/videos the opportunity to reach a whole new audience, which I’m so grateful for!

What tips do you have for someone thinking about starting their own channel? To me personally, I think it’s important to always be yourself (unless you’re obviously doing sketches etc haha)
Be passionate & motivated. Produce and create content that you feel comfortable doing :) Don’t film something just to get views/subscribers.

Mark Ferris

We know you love One Direction, if you could only say 1 word to each of the boys what would you say? 

Harry: ‘BFFs?’
Louis: ‘Clubbing?’
Liam: ‘Batman?’
Niall: ‘Pub?’

Tea or coffee? TEA

Little Mix or Fifth Harmony? Little Mix

giphy (35)

Twitter or Instagram? Twitter

No phone or no internet? ahhhhh, NO PHONE?! ..can’t believe I just said that, haha!

Baby food challenge or cinnamon challenge? Baby food challenge :)


Thanks for that Mark! You can check out Mark’s videos here. (They’re really great)

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