Mark Ferris finally learned how to look after his skin, and his mum’s delighted! He gives his top skincare tips in this week’s MP! column

For the next few weeks YouTuber, Mark Ferris, will be writing an exclusive column for MP! He even gave us a lovely shoutout in his latest video. This week he wanted to share with you his advice on taking care of your skin, and why it’s so important. Read on to see what he has to say…

Hey guys!

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

Here I am again, back on the ol’ writing – hope you enjoyed last week’s! This week brings something very different but very important to me… and that is skincare!

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Blame my Mum for always telling me to look after my skin! I actually remember when I was in school I used to use some milky cucumber moisturiser from The Body Shop (LOL)!

As I get older I’ve come to realise actually how important it is to look after your skin & that it can be quite fun (in a weird way).

I want to start off by saying that I have the world’s most sensitive skin, so let me just say that it’s taken AGES for me to find the ‘perfect’ yet affordable skin care products. :)


I start by using simple wipes, which is an easy way of knowing that your skin’s going to be clean… this is what I’ve told myself, haha! Then I use two products from ‘LA-ROCHE POSAY’, the cleanser which gets away dirt then the anti red marks/spots moisturiser (WHICH IS AMAZING… SERIOUSLY… BUY IT)!

Then I’ll move on to anti-ageing!

You’re probably thinking ‘MARK! You’re way too young to use anti-ageing products!’… well I reckon if you start early… what’s the harm? I use ‘NIP & FAB Dragon’s Blood Serum’ (no dragons were harmed) all over my face and then I’m ready for the day :)

Also, I’ll always carry a tube of Carmex for my lips, and as soon as I wake up I use NIP & FAB Viper Venom Eye Fix which has a cooling metal ball which you roll under the eyes… it proper wakes me up and feels SO nice!


Then maybe once a week I’ll treat myself to a face mask from Lush. I’ve tried them all and in my opinion ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ is by far the best!

So anyway, hope you enjoyed this! Hope it helped! Feel free to let me know any of your favourite skin products!

See ya later!

Mark .xo

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