Mark Ferris is feeling fresh and fruity in this week’s exclusive MP! column

Our new favourite YouTuber Mark Ferris is back again with his weekly column – hooray! This week he’s talking about one of his biggest passions… 

Hey guys!

Hope you are well and enjoying this amazing weather (if you’re not from the UK, well lemme just say it’s been SO hot and sunny… rare).

This week we are going to be chatting about possibly one of my biggest passions in life. And that is fragrance. Yes – fragrance! (haha)

Image-2 (1)

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with collecting aftershaves, colognes, you name it! I even remember having a little spray of my dad’s David Beckham aftershave before heading out the door for school and when I was at school no one really wore perfumes or aftershaves, just Lynx for the boys & Charlie for the girls (is Charlie still going?)… I just love smelling nice haha!

Over the years I have experimented with all sorts of scents, from the real strong musks to the subtle and fruity. EVERY TIME I go shopping I have to pop into Debenhams or drag my friends into The Perfume Shop to have little walk/spray around.

I must admit I’m one of those people who you meet and whatever I’m wearing will smack you in the face because I tend to have a spritz overload… I can’t help it! Don’t be put off meeting me though, if a strong scented person isn’t your thing! :)

My all time favourite brand (is it brand? type?) of fragrance is by Thierry Mugler. I reckon if you know me well enough you’d be able to answer that straight away. He’s my go-to. His fragrances are SO unique and mysterious and range from fruity aromas to ultra strong coffee-based scents… I’m obsessed!

I’ve also been loving Jo Malone recently too; I got my first ever one about a year and a half ago and never looked back! Although they aren’t the cheapest fragrances going, they are absolutely amazing, different to anything I’ve smelt before and they last so long. And as well as Mugler, the fragrances range from sweet to strong. I definitely recommend you having a little look around a Jo Malone store sometime… Don’t blame me if you fall madly in love.

Another thing I LOVE about Jo Malone is that all the fragrances are unisex! I feel like if you like the smell of a fragrance you should buy it and wear it, regardless of whether it is aimed at your gender or not :)

Image (3)

Above are three of my favourite, more expensive taste of fragrances. Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay and Pomegranate Noir. Thierry Mugler – Ultra Zest.

Image-1 (1)

And here are three of my equally favourite scents from Marks & Spencer and Next’s own brands, ranging from £12-14! They smell incredible.

I feel like every person has that one thing they obsess over and collect and mine just so happens to be fragrance, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon haha.

So anyway guys, hope you’ve enjoyed reading about another one of my passions/interests :)

Hope this gives you a little fragrance inspo, and if there are any fragrances you love make sure to tweet me them so we can chat about them :)

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Take Care,

Mark x

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