You just HAVE TO meet the new pop star who’s keeping Niall off No.1!

We’re excited and we don’t get excited very often. OK that’s a lie, we get excited over everything, but this time we are absolutely LOSING OUR SHIT!


Maria Hazell is signed to the same label as Zara Larsson and Icona Pop so that’s obviously already a good sign. Her single ‘Debut’ was released little over a month ago and already has 1.6 million streams on Spotify. We first included ‘Debut’ in our MP! Top Ten vote a few weeks ago and she made a very impressive… debut (too easy 😜) at No.4.

Since then she has climbed week on week, peaking at No.1 for the last two weeks, relegating Niall’s ‘This Town’ to No.2. That proved to us that Maria has a pretty fierce fanbase and we wanted to find out more about her.

Howdy there, Maria! So how does it feel to be the reigning champion of the MP! Top Ten?

Haha it feels so good! The support has been massive!  Thank you all for voting!

Vote Maria for No.1 in the MP! Top Ten!


What or who inspired your single ‘Debut’?

This actually isn’t one of those songs where I went through something and wrote about it, but I can totally relate. If you are rekindling things with an ex it shouldn’t be about what you had or what you were. The song is about living in the present and not looking back.

Couldn’t agree more. Get a load of this massive tune!

Real talk, how much effort is it to take care of your lovely head of hair?


Haha! Thank you. It´s actually not an effort. I mix conditioner and curl gel so the curls get defined but not too stiff and I leave it in. That’s it. And now I’ve found my one and only hair dresser who cuts my hair in 10 minutes! Magic!

It’s not fair! Why can’t this be our lives.


Who would play the role of you in a film of your life?

That’s a hard one! A young Mariah Carey would have been dope! She rocked the same haircut and could riff away on my songs and make versions I would sit and have goosebumps listening to. But I’ve always been a huge fan of Julia Roberts so that would have been epic.


Who was the last person you rang and what did you talk about?

My mom! I’m in London writing so I called her to catch up on things, tell her all about it.

What piece of pop news from 2016 has made you the most angry?

I can’t think of a single thing. I’ve been living under a rock making music and watching too many series.

We sympathise with the series issue…


Who is your pop star BFF?

I’ll say Kehlani! She seems like such a down to earth person with a lot of humor and determination and integrity. And I´m crushing on her music so that helps too.

Who is your favourite pop star couple ship?

I mean Rihanna and Drake was a dream! I’d say Kanye and Kim (if they count as a pop star couple).

What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve ever made?

I would say telling that person I love them. But when it comes to gestures I love to surprise my partner with small things like their favourite treats, food, flowers or taking them to the spa or something.



What is your favourite thing in IKEA?

I wish there was a Kanye West line. I was picturing King Kanye sized beds and stuff. I’m gonna have to go with the meatballs and the fluffy rug “Ludde” (oh yes I know my IKEA names).

Can you tell us one thing about you that none of your fans would know?

I love Christmas so much that I have a Christmas bank account. I put money into it every month so I can buy the ones I love some thoughtful good stuff.


Thank you for your support and for the fun questions 😀. Take care for now!

Thanks Maria. Now stream and download ‘Debut’ to kingdom come! Tweet us @maximumpop if you’re excited for what the future has in store for Maria.

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