Marcus Butler has reduced us to tears and here’s why

We can’t say we usually associate Marcus Butler with making us cry, unless of course he’s reducing us to tears with how bloody beautiful he is. Obvs. But recently the YouTuber from Brighton has had us tearing up on multiple occasions and it’s kind of not cool, because more often than not we’ve just done our make-up.


Over on his MoreMarcus channel, Marcus has been reacting to some very emotional video compilations in a test of how well he can hold back tears.

Honestly, we don’t know if we’re crying because of the clips themselves or because Marcus starts tearing up and blubbering like a full grown baby. There’s definitely something heartbreaking about seeing an adult man crying, but we have to agree with Marcus that it’s for sure a happy cry and not a sad one.

We love these kind of videos, even if they do turn us into emotional messes. Do you hope Marcus makes more ‘Try not to cry’ challenges? Tweet us @maximumpop and we can start a campaign to get more!

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