Manny Mua hits back at homophobic trolls and his reaction will restore your faith in humanity

“Sorry bout it.”

It’s actually a fact. Manny Mua is beautiful inside and out. And the idea that anyone could suggest anything different is no friend of ours. So when the trolls came out to play on Twitter it was so fabulous to see Manny slaying them with quick, honest clapbacks.

The phrase “don’t feed the trolls” is actually great advice for a quiet life online. But when they come for you, in gross, homophobic, small-minded ways, it’s always good to be ready to throw it right back at them.

And Manny Mua takes no shit from misinformed internet trolls:

But it was the response to THIS tweet that had us clicking our fingers:

Yaas! And basically, his dad is a total legend:

And then Manny got to go on FOX 5 Sand Diego to talk about being the first male spokesmodel for Maybelline because he is essentially beauty boy goals. Heck, he is life goals, full stop. Face on fleek, clapbacks on point, nothing but positive vibes.

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The fact that the hateful message in that offending tweet has been liked nearly 5000 times is a little terrifying. It literally should not be happening, at all. But as long as we have people like Manny Mua calling out the haters for what they actually are? The world is that little bit more brighter for others who have do not have a voice.

Are you proud of Manny’s reaction to the internet trolls? Let us know in the comments!

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