12 of the best manga for devout YA lovers

If you haven’t given these Japanese graphic novels a go then you’re really missing out. Manga is not only the PERFECT binge read, but it also has some of the most beautiful artwork and swoon-worthy characters.


WARNING: Serious fangirling may ensue if you start reading any of these titles. You’re welcome.

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya


How many volumes? 23

What is it? A slightly ditsy but lovable girl called Tohru happens up the Sohma household who all happen to change into animals of the Chinese zodiac. Much drama and fun follows.

For fans of… Stephanie Perkins, Jenny McLachlan, Rainbow Rowell

Notable characters? Kyo and Yuki Sohma.


Anime option? Yes! And it’s a pretty good adaptation too! As beautifully drawn as the books, that’s for sure.

2. ‘Black Butler’ by Yana Toboso


How many volumes? 23 (so far)

What is it? The young Ciel Phantomhive is tasked with solving crimes in London for Queen Victoria. However, he’s also trying to solve his own mystery surrounding the murder of his parents. Not to mention the demon enslaved to him who is “simply one HELL of a butler”. Victorian gothic fun time.

For fans of… Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Gail Carriger

Notable characters? Grell Sutcliffe.


Anime option? Heck yes. And it is everything. It is life.

3. ‘Loveless’ by Yun Koga


How many volumes? 12 (so far)

What is it about? Ritsuka is struggling to come to terms with his brother’s death two years ago, but new dude on the block, Soubi claims to know something about that mystery. There’s cat ears and magic and spell battles involved. It’s awesomesauce. A little bit on the ‘Josei’ side (aimed at an older YA audience, slightly more sexually explicit).

For fans of… Erin Hunter, Jandy Nelson, Stephen Chbosky

Notable characters? Soubi Agatsuma.


Anime option? Yes! It’s a little hard to find, but it’s out there. And it’s awesome. It deviates from the manga since however the manga isn’t finished yet.

4. ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ by Bisco Hatori


How many volumes? 18

What is it about? Haruhi is accepted into a private school where she is mistaken for a boy and after accidentally breaking something expensive has to pay back her debt by become a “host” in an exclusive club where girls pay for their company. Many laughs, much romance, so much fun!

For fans of… Louise Rennison, Holly Smale, Ally Carter

Notable characters? Tamaki Suoh


Anime option? Ohhh yeah. And once you’ve finished binge reading the manga you’ll be binge watching the anime. It’s proper LAUGH OUT LOUD stuff.

5. ‘Samurai Deeper Kyo’ by Akimine Kamijyo


How many volumes? 38

What is it about? A feared samurai is after his body after his soul is trapped inside the body of his rival.

For fans of… Lian Hern, Jay Kristoff, Amanda Sun

Notable characters? Demon Eyes Kyo


Anime option? Yep! But the plot veers wildly from the manga.

6. ‘Hana-Kimi’ by Hisayo Nakajo


How many volumes? 23

What is it about? Mizuki gets herself transferred from her American high school to a Japanese one where her sports idol attends. The catch? It’s an all-guys school. Cross dressing chaos commences! If you’ve seen the film ‘She’s the Man’ then you get the gist.

For fans of… Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison, Jenny McLachlan, Zoe Sugg

Notable characters? Shuichi Nakatsu


Anime option? No, but there is a television show instead. Neat huh?

7. ‘Fushigi Yugi’ by Yuu Watase


How many volumes? 18

What is it about? Miaka is transported back to ancient China where she must gather the seven celestial warriors. She falls in love with one of them. So, HEA? Not quite. Her BFF follows her and embarks on the same quest, born out of jealousy and much drama.

For fans of… Marie Rutkoski, Kristen Cashore, Alyson Noel

Notable characters? Celestial Warrior Tamahome


Anime option? Yessiree! It might be a little harder to track down, but it’s a sweet adaptation.

8. ‘Bleach’ by Tite Kubo


How many volumes? 74

What is it about? Ichigo becomes a soul reaper (sort of by accident) and embarks on an almost neverending quest against the hollows and bad people determined to invade the earth realm, or kill him, or kill his friends.

For fans of… Suzanne Collins, Rick Riordan, Anthony Horowitz

Notable characters? Kon


Anime? Ohhh yes. One of THE BEST animes out there. Truth.

9. ‘Attack on Titan’ by Hajime Isayama


How many volumes? 20 (so far)

What is it about? Post-apocalypse SF type setting where the world has been ravaged by giant humanoid “titans”. The remaining humans have been living/hiding behind a massive walled city. But alas, the Titans are coming.

For fans of… Moira Young, Dan Wells, Peadar O’Guilin

Notable characters? Mikasa Ackerman


Anime option? Only probs the best anime you’ll ever watch.

10. ‘Vampire Knight’ by Matsuri Hino


How many volumes? 19

What is it about? Yuki attends a prestigious academy with a dark secret. By day the classes are for humans and by night? For vampires. Cue twisted, complex relationships and drama. Much romance. Much hotness. Much mystery!

For fans of… Richelle Mead, Rachel Caine, Stephanie Meyer

Notable characters? Zero and Kaname


Anime option? Binge watch it all. It’s FAB!

11. ‘Death Note’ by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata


How many volumes? 12

What is it about? In a nutshell. A student gets hold of a book dropped by a bored shinigami where if you write down someone’s name in it they will then die.

For fans of… Lish McBride, Derek Landy, Darren Shan

Notable characters? Ryuk


Anime option? Yes! And an awesome live action movie too!

12. ‘Skip Beat!’ by Yoshiki Nakamura

How many volumes? 39

What is it about? Kyoko follows her boyfriend to Tokyo to support him in his goals for stardom. However, upon finding out he’s only using her she ditches him and vows revenge by beating him at his own game. But she gets the acting bug… and often forgets why she started this crazy adventure in the first place.

For fans of… Sophia Bennett, Perdita & Honor Cargill, Sarah Dessen

Notable characters? Ren Tsuruga


Anime option? What DOESN’T this series have? Anime and live action coming out of its ears!

Which is your favourite? Is there a series we should have included? Tell us in the comments below!

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