Burritos and pasta both rule Mali-Koa Hood’s world, we have a chat with the Aussie babe.

Remember when we introduced you to Mali-Koa Hood? We managed to catch up with the lady herself and talk to her about everything from music to fashion and more!

Heard blondes have more fun. @nicolekahlani was a babe and made me brand new. @bleachlondon xxxxx

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Hey Mali! How are you? What have you been up to recently?

Hi guys! Thanks for having meeeee. Still living and loving in London town, been writing snippets locked away in my room and thinking of things to blog about with ‘summa’ coming up. Working with CAT boots as a blogger for festival season, which is cool. Aside, enjoying the return of the sun and spending too much time drinking in London Fields.

You’ve recently released a single with Ben Hazlewood, ‘Paint Me Black’. What’s the song about?

‘Paint Me Black’ symbolises strength to me. It’s about listening and learning, as well as processing and addressing issues. It’s about being brave.

What actually got you into singing?

My mum really encouraged my singing. Whenever I was sad, or angry, she’d tell me to connect with music. Every week without fail she would wait hours on end whilst I practised and always supported my dreams. It was lucky that I ended up being OK at it, and very lucky to have her by my side.

Who influences you musically?

At the mo’ I’m absolutely loving Lianne La Havas, Kwabs, Emile Sande, Sam Smith. I’m all over the British soul.

Where do find is the best place to write music?

Somewhere sunny, warm and comfortable. For me, I usually sit on my bed with my guitar or at the keyboard.

I make ugly faces when I sing. Bit of a ditty Im writing today. A video posted by Mali-koa Hood (@malikoahood) on

You’ve been in the UK a lot! Will you be planning on performing here anytime soon?

I had a little gig in London last month which went really well, I’m hoping to get some new material together and play again soon! Just have to sort the music out. Summer is well on the way, so I wouldn’t mind having a garden gig, somewhere I don’t have to wear shoes!

We adore your fashion style! What high street brands do you love?

You guys are gems! Fashion is something I really fell into, and I’m loving it. Brands like River Island, Missguided and Motel are really making cool, edgy and affordable fashion for so many people. I have some friends at Princess Polly back in Aus who are always so good to me and have such great clothes.

Who is your style icon?

I love Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham, they’ve done the crossover from celeb to fashion are really strong female faces and brands. I also obsess over a blogger in SYD called Margaret Zhang, who has shot me once before. She’s mega trendy, a beaut and her Instagram is lush. It’s funny because these women aren’t really my “style icons”, as much as an my female inspirations in the fashion industry. My personal style is really a rip off of looks from mag shoots, Instagram pics, websites and such.

What do you like to do during your time off from working? Do you chill with your family?

I live in London now so my family is usually apart, though when we are together it really is an incredible time. I enjoy spending time in the sun, going on adventures, taking pictures, dancing, drinking, lying on the grass, being by the sea. (BRING ON SUMMER)

You’ve been working quite hard recently! What can we expect from you this year?

This year I’m doing a whole bunch of exciting stuff. I’ve been working on my blogging (slowly but surely), joined a girl DJing DUO with gal pal Kylie Griffiths and of course am working hard on my music. I’ve got big plans for my music this year, so I’m trying to work hard.

What is one quote in life that inspires you?

“Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own.”

Any advice for fellow young aspiring artists?

There is always time. The one thing I constantly stress about is running out of it, I think so many young artists (like myself) give themselves time constraints and stress the entire way. It becomes unenjoyable – it’s not what it should be about. I’ve learnt that everyone has their time, and as they develop and learn so do their needs and wants.

Pop punk or pop rock?

Pop rock

A night in or a night out?

Night out in the summer!

Italian food or Mexican food?


Disney or Pixar?


Accidentally sneezing over your crush or embarrassing yourself in front of your celebrity crush?

Sneezing over my crush (if he likes me, he’ll cope)

Thanks, Mali! Let’s catch up sometime soon. 

Are you guys loving Mali? You can get Paint Me Black on iTunes now by clicking right here. Want more Mali? Gizza tweet over on @maximumpop

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