Making flubber soap is SO EASY you’ll never use anything else!

It’s been knocking around the interwebs awhile but have you actually ever thought you (yes you) could MAKE flubber soap? It’s ridiculously easy and it will cause a washing REVOLUTION on the side of your sink, in your bath, everywhere!


It’s SO EASY! And SO SQUISHY! And this is how you do it:

Down the bottom are the tutorials we took inspiration from. You can use those, but of course, ours is better. Duh. ;)

1. Gather yer stuff.


You’ll need:

  • 113g/4oz cornstarch (or tapioca flour)
  • 85g/3oz liquid soap (literally ANYTHING – squeezy hand wash, shampoo, bubble bath)
  • 2tbsp of oil (olive oil, coconut oil… vegetable oil probably works too)
  • Food colouring or soap colouring


Dump it all in apart from the colouring and mix.


Once it’s smooth add the colouring until it’s the colour you want.


Add more flour. There is no science or method to this bit other than keep mixing in flour until it starts to thicken.


This kind of consistency. You can go wetter if you want. Or drier!


If you want to make a marble effect then do it all again, and then squish the two balls together.


And you get something like this! SERIOUSLY suggest leaving this stuff on some greaseproof paper or on a plate you don’t care about. The colour WILL seep to the bottom eventually and stain. If it’s really flubbery it will start to spread on the paper too.


Pretty balls! But will it soap?


You bet your arse it does! And if you use food colouring don’t worry about it staining your hands. It won’t. At all. Magic!

This stuff will last a good few days. You can play with it and squish it and squash it and it FEELS SO GOOD! It could also be used as a stress ball.

So what are you waiting for? Get squishy!

If you like green squidgy things you can also try this:

Because ’tis the season for green and squashy! Click to try!

For reference: This tutorial, and this one.

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