Did you have a rollerball eyeshadow? 5 make-up items we all remember owning

Oh, how we love a dash of make-up. Contouring, strobing, creating the perfect arched brow with nothing but a brush and a powder… it’s now an art, and blimey do we feel like Picasso.

(to be honest we were more of a Neil Buchanan from ‘Art Attack’ kind of artist, but you get the drill.)


Nowadays we’re reveling in all kinds of beauty cosmetics, but thinking back to a few years ago, what we were grabbing off the shelves in abundance seems a little diff to today. After all, Lizzie McGuire was probably our style icon.


So we thought we’d celebrate the past.

Let’s have a look at some of the sassiest cosmetics that back in the day were THE COOLEST thing to own. EVER.

1. Rollerball Eyeshadow


Who has time to use an eyeshadow brush? We sure didn’t. So luckily for us and our hectic lifestyles, the rollerball eyeshadow was born. Coming in colours such as ice blue and bright green, there truly was a colour for any occasion – just swipe and go.

Expect these to be making a huge comeback in 2017.

(Don’t hold us to that. They probably never will.)

2. Dream Matte Mousse


We swear we have nothing against Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse, but back in the day this was THE foundation. Not one girl in our class didn’t have a pot that they’d keep under the desk, continually putting it on throughout the day (even on the lips – is this where that weird craze began?)

Dream Matte Mousse is still very much a thing, but I think ladies have probably realised how to use it better now.

Okay we put it on our lips. IT WAS IN, OK?

3. Glitter lipgloss


And I don’t just mean a little bit, I mean ALOT. Bright pink, and as many sparkles as you could possibly imagine. Yes, your hair would get tangled in it as it was so gloopy, but did we care? NO! We loved glitter. All. The. Time.

4. Roll-on glitter


Let’s set the scene – it’s the night of the school disco. We’re all getting ready, so excited to see if S Club 7 are gonna be pumping out on the CD player when we get there, and then one girl whips out the one thing to get the party started. You got it! THE ROLL-ON GLITTER. Coming in all different shades, you rolled this anywhere and everywhere – it was as wet as a deodorant and took so long to dry, but you looked like a giant glitter ball.

And that was always the most important thing.

5. French Manicure sets

french manicure set

Clearly there ain’t NOTHIN’ WRONG with a french manicure. But for some reason, everyone seemed to get a different set of these bad boys and try and do it themselves. At the age where most of us didn’t have long talons, everyone would come to school with half a pink nail and half a wobbly white one. It was a strange time. It was a memorable time. (But mostly a time we’d love to forget).

Do you remember any make-up blasts from the past? Giz a tweet at @maximumpop!

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