Are Makeup Geek eyeshadows better than MAC? Check out the gorgeous brand here!

While having a little bit of a YouTube beauty binge, we noticed one brand that kept popping up quite a bit—Makeup Geek.

So many YouTube beauty gurus have been raving about this brand and gotten us very intrigued, especially when some even compared them to MAC!

Talking about the brand in her ‘Hot or Not’ video, beauty guru Tati said, “These are just about drugstore prices, but they definitely feel more luxury and perform more luxury.” That sounds right up our street.

Another YouTuber who agrees is Jaclyn Hill, who said in her favourite Makeup Geek video, “Makeup Geek eyeshadows as a whole are my absolute favourite eyeshadows in the whole of cosmetics. MAC eyeshadows are really good as well, and I know tons of people compare MAC to Makeup Geek, because they’re always curious which is better. I will say that for me personally, there is no comparison. Makeup Geek is way better.”

Makeup Geek was created by, surprisingly, a YouTuber called Marlena Stell, AKA Makeup Geek TV, and boy, did she do a good job. The majority of the products are sold in the US, but thankfully, our babes at Beauty Bay have some on sale here.

With all this hype, we decided to go on a full investigation and have found some of our absolute favourites.

Contour Powder Pan 



These contour pans are amazing. There’s a shade for basically every skin tone and undertone. Like all the Makeup Geek pan products, the contours have magnets on the back for you to be able to place them into your own designed palette.

Get them for £7.95

Full Spectrum Eye Liner 



These eyeliners are absolutely beautiful and perfect for all types of eye looks, from classic to bold. We love the choice of colours!

Get them for £7.50

Eyeshadow Pans

We’ve saved the best for last. These eyeshadows are so highly pigmented and really do have the quality of a high-end brand. There are so many colours to choose from that we couldn’t just pick one or two, so we’ve put our top ten must-have colours.

Check out the Makeup Geek channel and click here for more amazing products.

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