MP!er Aislinn loves the complex and diverse characters in Rick Riordan’s ‘Magnus Chase’.

‘Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer’ is Rick Riordan’s first book in the, at least three book long, Magnus Chase series and the first book to feature Norse mythology and the Gods of Asgard. Find out how MP!er Aislinn thought it compared to Riordan’s previous books right here.

Name: Aislinn OConnell

Have you read anything by Rick Riordan before? If not, are you more likely to now? / If you have, how does this compare? I’ve read all of the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series – I would rank this as being maybe better than the PJO series, but not as good as HoO.

If you had to recommend this book to a friend, what would be the best thing you’d tell them? e.g. writing, humour, characterisation, plot etc. I’d recommend it for the humour and the mythology! There were lots of irreverent asides and observations, and Magnus’ snarky inner monologue is just like Percy Jackson’s – clearly Rick’s preferred style of narrator. Also the chapter titles elicited some proper laughs (which I had to hide when I was on the train!)

Did you have a favourite character? Tell us why! Samirah al-Abbas, Magnus’ Valkyrie, is my favourite character, because she’s great! Torn between duty to her family and embracing her Norse heritage, complicated by her impending marriage, her obligations as a Hijabi girl, and the fact that she’s Loki’s daughter, she’s the most complex and interesting character in the whole book. Plus, diversity points, and she has awesome powers – what’s not to like?

What was your impression of Norse mythology before reading this book? Sadly, my previous affiliation with Norse mythology was nothing more than the Marvel cinematic universe, so this was a nice introduction to a variety of Norse mythological creatures!

Can you remember your favourite line or scene? My favourite line was actually the title of chapter 48 – ‘Hearthstone passes out even more than Jason Grace’ (though I have no idea who that is).

Rate out of 10. Eight out of ten!

You don’t have to wait, get your hands on a copy right now, right here.

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