Magic! want to put on onesies and make musical madness with One Direction.

Magic! smashed everything with their 2014 hit ‘Rude’, now they’re back with another stonker in the form of ‘No Way No’. We caught up with Nasri from the band to get all the gossip.

Would you ever skip a day with the band just to go on a date with your crush?

Only if the whole band gets to go. We work as a unit, lol!

Have you ever done something really embarrassing in public?

I once lost my bathing suit swimming in the ocean. It was not a nude beach. I was 11.

Have you ever had a kiss with your eyes open?

Plenty of them. But we prefer to close them.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, would you be willing to eat your fellow bandmates?

Mark would be the first one cut his legs off and keep us alive. He’s a guitar player doesn’t need them.

If One Direction were asking to collaborate with you, would you be willing?

We’d all put on onesies and make musical madness.

1d onesie

Have you ever been suspended from school?

We’re good boys. And that was a long time ago.

Do you have a specific side of the bed to sleep on?

Ben- right side
Alex – left side with drum sticks under my pillow
Mark – spread eagle
Nasri – I don’t sleep, I wait

If someone you liked was a huge fan, would you still date them?

As long as she gets me I’m down, but if she sings our songs out of key she’s gotta go.

Would you be willing to wear a python around your neck for an hour straight if it meant you could win the lottery?

Sure, why not? Snakes are our friends.

If you could be guaranteed a Grammy every year but you had to lose your eyesight, would you do it?

Not at all. The world has more to offer. Plus we don’t make our music to win awards.

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