MP! Exclusive: Maddie Ziegler talks ‘The Maddie Diaries’ and reveals her BIGGEST YouTube makeup crush

You won’t believe who it is!

It’s safe to say that former ‘Dance Moms’ star Maddie Ziegler is one busy teen. You probably know her as the star of Sia’s INCREDIBLE music videos – ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’ are just two of our faves.

But when she’s not busting out a move or two, she’s designing clothes, acting in upcoming films AND offering heaps of advice to teens everywhere in a BRAND NEW book.

Phew… we’re getting tired just thinking about all of it.

Maddie’s first memoir, ‘The Maddie Diaries’, was released back in March and Maximum Pop! were lucky enough to catch up with the dancer to discuss the ins and outs of the project.

As well as revealing the message she wants teens to take away from the book, Maddie also gave us the inside scoop on who her fave YouTuber is and what we’d catch her doing on a day off…

Hi Maddie, Thanks for chatting with us today! Congratulations on your new book. Why did you decide to write ‘The Maddie Diaries’?

People think they know everything about me but there’s so much they have yet to learn. In ‘The Maddie Diaries’ I share a lot of personal things in my life that they don’t know about.

Also, a big part of the book is the question of why not? So, why not try something new? Why not just go for something and step out of your comfort zone? It’s about not worrying what other people think. I think there’s a lot of hate in this world, right now, and a lot of teens are trying to fit in and be like everyone else, but it’s cool to do something different.

Is that the main message you want teens to take away from the book?

Definitely! Just be yourself and don’t try to impress other people or worry about what they’re telling you.

That’s super important. So how would you describe the book using emojis?

I’m probably pick the emoji with the heart eyes – I think it just describes the way that I love all the things I’ve done and, you know, it’s just heart eyes.

Speaking of heart eyes… You must have met so many different celebrities. What’s the most star stuck you’ve ever been?

Well, I don’t really get star struck, unless it’s a makeup YouTuber because I like watching those videos.

If you could spend the day with only one, who would it be and what would you be doing?

There’s soooo many. I would say Nikkie Tutorials. She’s insanely amazing and seems like a really fun girl. I would love to spend the day with her and just have her do my makeup like… 9… different times throughout the day.

In the book, you also mentioned you can rap…

So, I’m the only person that thinks I can, but if I’m the car and with a bunch of people I’ll give it a go!

What’s your go-to song?

Anything by Drake!

What other bands or artists are you really into at the minute?

Right now, I’m really into Khalid. He sings a song called ‘Location’, which is off an album called ‘American Teen’. ‘Location’ is my favourite song, but whole album is insane. I listen to it so much.

I bet it’s great to dance to. If you could perform with any artist or girl group, who would it be?

Ooh, that’s a really hard question! I mean Beyoncé would be cool – just because she’s an amazing dancer.

Beyoncé’s incredible! Dancing with her would be an absolute dream, right?!

I mean, I’m living the dream right now with Sia. That’s probably the best artist I could ever dance for just because she’s so different from everyone else. But, yeah Beyoncé would be amazing.

What are the best pieces of advice Sia’s given you?

She always wants to makes sure that I’m never being pushed or anything like that and tells me that if I’m not loving what I’m doing then I shouldn’t do it.

I’ve learned to say no and I’ve learned that it’s okay to not take every job that comes my way because sometimes it might not be right for me.

I’ve realised that if I just wanna take a day off and be a kid, it’s important to do that.

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What would we catch you doing on a day off?

Oooh, I mean I would probably sleep in for as long as I can! Then maybe, either go shopping or just hang out with my friends. I might go swimming. It really depends. But I’m obsessed with shopping. I love Brandy Melville, Topshop, Zara – there’s soooo many places.

You’re also starring in an upcoming film, ‘The Book of Henry’.

Yep! It was the most incredible experience ever. Honestly, it was the experience of a lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast or a better director. I had the most amazing time! I’d really like to become an actress and do a bunch of feature films when I’m older.

Sounds brilliant! If you could play anyone, what would your dream role be?

That’s a good question. To be honest, anything Jennifer Lawrence has done, I would love to do.

Have you thought about your leading man? Who would you like to act alongside?

Guy-wise, I’d love to act with Zac Efron. Female-wise, either Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Anniston or Jennifer Garner – wow, there’s a lot of Jennifers!

A little birdy told us you’re a massive fan of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

I haven’t watch it in a long time, but yeah, for sure! It was so cool when I got to be on the show. I really loved that experience. It was a dream for me. At the time that was my obsession. When I was on set I got to work with Troian and she’s the sweetest person – I love her.

What other TV shows are some of your favourites?

‘Gossip Girl’ is my all time favourite. It’s so good. Every girl I know is obsessed with it.

It’s one of ours too! Are you Team Chuck, Team Nate or Team Dan?

Chuck Bass all the way. He is my world. I LOVE HIM!

A girl after our own heart. Thank you so much for chatting with us, Maddie.

It was nice to meet you!

‘The Maddie Diaries’ is out now. For more information visit Maddie’s website

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