Popstar vs a Vegetable: M.A.D vs a parsnip

It’s time again, kids! It’s Popstar vs a Vegetable! *Crowd roars* We know, we know. It’s very exciting, isn’t it? Forget Eastenders, it’s all about the intensity of a celebob and a vegetable fighting for the crown! This episode of Popstar vs a Vegetable is British boyband M.A.D up against the pesky Parsnip. Let’s get ready to rumble…

Mad Parsnip


Parsnip – long, lean and pale with a green top, there isn’t all that much appeal to the appearance of a parsnip, is there?

M.A.D – the handsome trio of M.A.D are full of fitness. We have delicious Dan, marvy Michael and attractive AB. Their luscious hair, mesmerising eyes and heart melting smiles, M.A.D are absolutely dripping in good looks.

M.A.D – 1 Parsnip – 0

Medical use

M.A.D – While their music makes us happy and their attractiveness makes our serotonin levels increase, the boys aren’t officially a medical cure. Le cry.

Parsnip – the root of a parsnip is used as an ingredient in Chinese medicine, so it has a very good use.

M.A.D – 0 Parsnip – 1


Parsnip – Parsnips are from Eurasia which is a combination of Europe and Asia. We haven’t heard of it before – either we fell asleep in Geography or someone didn’t point it out to us (thanks, sir).

M.A.D – The members of the boyband hail from three different areas of the UK. Dan being from Bridgend in Wales, AB being from London and Michael from Northern Ireland. Truly representing the UK with British pride. Huzzah!

M.A.D – 1 Parsnip – 0


M.A.D – Always on iTunes, they tweet regularly and do a look of touring and signings, so pretty much uh… All the time.

Parsnip – While they are available throughout the year, they are at their best quality from May to September. But this is availability, not quality.

M.A.D – 1 Parsnip – 1


Parsnip – They are available in a wide range.

M.A.D- Uh… There’s 3 of them.

M.A.D – 0 Parsnip – 1


M.A.D – They have made it onto the top 40 chart 3 times for all three singles and for their debut album, not to mention they were number 1 on the record chart! Oh, and Dan can speak Welsh.

Parsnip – Ummmm… it’s a vegetable so there’s no talent…


M.A.D – 4 Parsnip – 3

It was a close shave but we all knew deep down that M.A.D were the better contestants. No hard feelings, parsnip?

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