MP! Exclusive: M.O are so not in love and they just really want you to know that, OK?

We know you love your girlbands and we know you love your rappers, so a badass combo of both is total nextlevelism.


M.O are one British trio of galpals who have been on the tip of everyone’s tongue in 2016. Their breakthrough smash ‘Who Do You Think Of?’ was actually the song of the summer. It takes us back to dancing around topless in a field in the Midlands somewhere. Good times…

To celebrate the release of ‘Not In Love’ we decided to catch up with M.O for a chinwag. Always a pleasure.

Hi M.O!  Could you tell us what inspired your new vibe because it’s a lot more reggae/dancehall than your other material? 

Annie: From the very start we’ve always been involved with reggae, R&B and garage – one of the first songs we put online called ‘Hot’ was completely reggae; we’re just trying to bring it out in our songs these days!


How was working with Kent Jones? What is one thing you discovered about him during the recording process?

Annie: Working with Kent was amazing, he was such a nice guy. It was really good vibes on set and he definitely helped bring out our fun side…

Do you think ‘Not In Love’ has the potential to be even bigger hit than ‘Who Do You Think Of?’

Annie: Definitely, we want each of singles to be more impactful then the last.

Is the song inspired by a real life experience?

Frankee: Haha, most definitely; it makes it just that little bit easier to perform when it is. It’s personal but a relatable song to anyone who’s been through or going through a breakup, even if you haven’t you can still relate to it, haha. Free your mind, speak your mind, just have fun!

What is your fave Christmas traditions?

Frankee: Every xmas eve I HAVE to have new PJs, it would throw me off it I didn’t! Haha.


What are your top three beauty tips?

Annie: Sleep on a silk pillowcase. It stops your hair breaking and prevents wrinkles!

Nadine: Drink plenty of water- boring but it works!

Frankee: Comb through Vaseline on eyelashes and brows at night to make them grow!

What are your most annoying habits?

Nadine: Overthinking!

M.O’s Tuesday Tunes playlist for MP! will make your day 345% better


What is your most memorable performance?

Nadine: Our recent sold out headline show! It’s our favourite to date because we got to perform songs no-one’s heard before and it was about time! It was so much fun and we were blown away by the fact people came especially to watch us for the first time.

If you could get one hashtag trending about your band/ you what would it be?

Nadine: #whatsyourm.o? We think we can do a lot with our name and we also love it which helps haha! Or even better lol #m.oxbeyonce because we would’ve done a song with her! Dream big!


If a genie allowed you to change three things in the world, what would you change and why?

Annie: I’d change hate for a lot more love because with love I think it would either replace the bad or make the bad seem different/easier. Once there’s more love I think a lot would change.

Frankee: I’d change the weather in England, bring back those long summers that were the best times ever! And everyone’s happier because of the good old vitamin D!

Nadine: I’d make it easier to travel and see the world I don’t know how but it’s a wish so the genie would do it!

Which female pop star of our generation embodies girl power the most in your opinion?

Nadine: Beyoncé obvs! Do I even need to explain why! Haha.

‘Not In Love’ is out to download and stream rn so go get ’em tiger! GRRRRRRRR!

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Written by David Farrell

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David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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