MP! Exclusive: M.O talk tour mates Little Mix, Rihanna and the Powerpuff Girls

Fresh from their very first UK top 20 single, up and coming British girl band M.O are hot stuff right now.

The girls recently took over our Snapchat, provided us with some banging Tuesday Tunes selections and managed to top the MP! Top Ten with the most votes last week. Phew! We caught up with the girls to discuss slayage, the massive slayage.

Hi girls! Congratulations on your single ‘Who Do You Think Of?’ going top 20 in the UK! Could you explain us a little about what the song’s about and why you think it was destined to be your mainstream breakthrough?

Nadine: It just felt right. We actually wrote it in under an hour, it came together so naturally and we think it’s a big summer tune.

Annie: We just hope everyone loves it as much as we do!

Why do you think there has been a resurgence in the popularity of girl bands in recent years?

Frankee: It felt like there wasn’t any for a good while, like there were no boybands for a while then a lot came back. So people are ready for them again now I think.

What’s the best thing about being in a girl band?

Frankee: Support and friendship.

Annie: Yeah, its great to have support, friendship and laughter.

What was the best thing about touring with Little Mix and what did you learn from them? Also, would you ever consider collaborating?

Nadine: We loved the Little Mix tour! It was such an amazing experience for us. We would love to collaborate with them for sure.


Can you tell us three things we won’t be expecting about your album?

Annie: We’re a pop group but we love a lot of garage and hard beats too so I think it’ll surprise a lot of people. There will be a lot of those elements on the album.

If you could go back in time and steal one other artist/band’s song for M.O what would it be?

Nadine: Rihanna and Drake’s ‘What’s My Name?’

Annie: Ooh yes we love that!

Which cartoon characters do you think you are most like and why?

Frankee: The Powerpuff girls.

Annie: Haha yes! Powerpuff girls are the one!


Who is your favourite pop star couple ship?

Frankee: It would have to be Beyonce and Jay Z.


Which current pop star’s style would you love to steal and why?

Unison: Rihanna!

Thanks girls! Can’t wait for the album. M.O’s single ‘Who Do You Think Of?’ is out to stream and download now. Tweet us if you think M.O could be as big as Fifth Harmony or Little Mix @maximumpop.

You can also find out which Olympic sport M.O would do at Rio 2016 by clicking the image below.


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