We’re gonna be blinged out in the CAY-OOTEST jewellery thanks to LVNDR!

We love a bit of bling to add with our outfits. Can’t go wrong with a cute midi ring or some necklaces and bracelets. We’ve found some cay-oot ones thanks to LVNDR and picked out some of our faves for you to have a gander at.


Amethyst Pendant Necklace

lvndr 1

We think this pendant is absolutely gorgeous. Not only is it beautiful to look at but it is said that amethyst is a calming stone which provides spiritual growth and protection. Nice to know our jewellery is capable of doing things besides sitting pretty on our bods.

Get it for £12.99

Elephant Cuff


We’re quite partial to a chunky bracelet or cuff. This elephant cuff is v boho chic which we absolutely love.

Get it for £6.99

Cat & Fishbone Earrings


Show off your inner crazy cat lady with these cute AF mismatch earrings. Perfect for day to day outfits and showing off a touch of your personality.

Get them for £4.99

Crown Ring


Flaunt your Queen status with this pretty crown ring! Slay, Queen. Slay.

Get it for £3.49

Cupid Essential Set


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this two piece set is perfect to add to your outfit this February, whether you’re celebrating with your bae or strutting your stuff as an independent boss-ass biyatch. Werk it!

Get it for £11.95 

If you liked that, you’ll love what LVNDR has on the site! We’re off to buy a stack of jewelry, TTYL.

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