LUSH have got a festival beauty survival kit and it will change EVERYTHING

If you’ve got a LUSH store near you, you’ll know that they’re pretty darn cool.

You can walk into the shop and it smells of bath-product HEAVEN, they don’t test on animals (YAY) AND they help with all sorts of skin troubles (and, well, make you sparkle in the bath). What’s not to love?!


We don’t know either.

So when we heard they’ve got a whole load of products that will make going to a festival even more fun, we HAD to yell it from the rooftops. OH YES WE DID.

These bad boys should help make your festival experience even more fabulous than you can imagine – so lets take a peek:

1.Miles of Smiles Toothy Tabs


Ain’t it such a faff at a festival whipping out your toothpaste, getting it on the brush, trying to wet your toothbrush with a dribble of precious water… GRR. LIFE. But LUSH have got these Toothy Tabs instead – basically, you pop one in your mouth, bite it in half, take a sip of water and brush.

WHAT? I KNOW. Minty madness.

Price: £5.95. But can you put a price on being minty fresh?

2. T’eo Solid Deodorant


We’ve all been there. Had the classic ‘babywipe’ wash in a tent because there was no way you could get to a shower – I KNOW, IT IS FAR FROM COOL! But LUSH have got this solid deodorant bar made with absorbent powders, grapes and citrus oils to stop heavy perspiration in its tracks. That’s fresh man. THAT is fresh.

Price: £4.95

3. Powdered Sunshine (Powdered Sunscreen)


We’re always optimistic that the sun is gonna be blazin’ down when we’re off to a fest! So LUSH have made it a little bit cooler – an easy-pack, lightweight powder (YES, POWDER!) that gives your skin a shimmering glow, as well as packs on SPF15. It’s scented with cocoa butter, lemon, lime and patchouli oil to give you a lovely scent as you’re dancing at V Fest. I know right.

Price: £6.95

4. No Drought Dry Shampoo


What on earth did we do before dry shamps? We have NO idea. This one you just whip on your scalp and brush out for a clean matte finish, with grapefruit and lime to refresh yo’ hair. Dayamn. We’re gonna smell GOOOOOD next festival!

Price: £4.25

5. Eye Jewels


Instead of trying to get your eye-shadow palette in a bloody tent with your brush flying all over the place, these Eye Jewels save the day. With 12 colours available, they come in little quadrants (they look like a cheese off Trivial Pursuit) so you can literally apply them directly to the eye. Or face. Just go wild man you’re at a festival.
Price: £10 each

So next time you’re wondering how you can make the tent trawl at a festival just a LITTTTTTLE bit easier, remember – you deserve to smell and look the best you can with minimal effort. And these can probs help.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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